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20 | November 2020


Unter dem Hashtag #howtosurvivecovid101 findet ihr auf Instagram eine Reihe von Tips, die uns beim Durchleben dieser harten Zeit helfen können.

Under the hashtag #howtosurvivecovid101 on Instagram, you can find a lot of tips, that can help you not only survive but thrive in these hard times.

28|September 2020


For overthinkers and empaths

Here are some core points:

– don’t care about what other people think of you. Live according to your inner truth. Don’t take shit. But screw society’s rules.

– AGE : dangerous concept. It’s really just a number. Who cares ?! Do the things you want to do when YOU want to do them. There is no itinerary, really.

– life’s purpose : another dangerous concept ruining our days… we are all here for some undefined time. In that time we do important things and unimportant ones. The important things will give your life meaning. And : You will not always know how important something was that you already did! 🙏🏻… also it does not mean you necessarily have to be a parent either!

– THE TRAGEDY OF THE WORLD : it is true, there is war, rape, misogyny, terror, disease and earthquakes. It’s all real. Don’t let this weight crush your emotional state. Instead carry gratitude & compassion & kindness with you ⁠and try to make small steps to make the world a better place. 💓





Are you too much? Or not enough? Are you trying your best to fit in, when feeling different from the crowd? Please don’t.

Being yourself is your gift to the world. In fact, it’s your foremost responsibility in life to share „you“ with the universe in order to make it complete. No matter what people think!!! There is no one like you here and ever will be again with exactly your traits and thoughts and the experiences that formed you. DARE TO BE YOURSELF. – So you inspire others to shine their own light too ♥️

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